Shared Responsibility Program

Shared Responsibility Program

Shared responsibility is an approach to education where a portion of the student’s program is the responsibility of the parent (home education) and a portion is the responsibility of the school authority. Students' designated school will direct the in-school portion of learning. 

St. Gabriel Education Centre assumes the responsibility to provide a certified teacher employed by Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools, to plan, prepare, instruct, and assess the student's progress in the selected courses that follow the Alberta programs of study or locally developed courses. 

Students in grades 1-8 can take classes in person at a GSARD school while the parent provides the education for the remainder of the courses. Families should register their child with the school as well as fill out the homeschool registration form which you will send to St. Gabes. 

Students in grades 9-12 would register with St. Gabes as well as filling out the homeschool registration form and sending it to St. Gabes. 

A shared responsibility homeschool program is:

  • A minimum of 20 percent to a maximum of 80 percent - Below this range, a student should be enrolled as a home education student, and above this range, a student should be enrolled as a regular outreach/online student with the school being responsible for 100 percent of the program.
  • The home education portion of the agreement must consist of an education program developed in accordance with the Education Act and the Home Education Regulation.
    • Parents providing the home education portion of a shared responsibility program that is supervised by St. Gabes are eligible to receive 50 per cent of the home education grant (calculated based on the percentage of the student’s program that is home education).
    • Students in a Home Education high school program can access off-campus education programming for high school credit through Shared Responsibility, under the supervision of a certificated teacher. Off-campus education programming for high school credit includes the Green Certificate Program, Registered Apprenticeship Program, Work Experience, and Workplace Readiness. 

Registering for a Shared Responsibility Program

Please contact the administration at St. Gabriel Education Centre for more information about our Shared Responsibility Program. 

780-459-6616 or by email