About St. Gabriel

Vision & Mission


St. Gabriel Education Centre is dedicated to excellence in alternative education programming through faith, relationships and engagement.


St Gabriel Education Centre is a safe and caring environment where students are given the differentiated, flexible, and engaging learning opportunities that will inspire them to be successful in learning and life.


As part of Greater St. Albert Catholic School's goal to deliver diverse learning opportunities to meet the needs of its students, St. Gabriel Education Centre provides a unique option for students in St. Albert and surrounding area to complete their high school programming. Students have the ability to attend full-time, part-time, or even take individual courses while attending another school.

At St. Gabriel we believe learning is:

  • Active
  • Individualized
  • Student-centred
  • Facilitated by Teachers
  • A Journey of Self Discovery

At St. Gabriel we realize the importance of giving students the time and attention they need each week to successfully meet their learning goals.  Part of the learning journey also requires that students have opportunities to share and collaborate with fellow classmates.  To meet these needs, St. Gabriel employs a Blended Learning with Student Cohorts teaching model.

Blended Learning: Students have access to course lessons and self-assessment materials online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our school's Moodle web site. Students also have access to individual instruction and teacher supports during regular school hours.

Student Cohorts: St. Gabriel offers six cohort groups each year. Please see the school calendar for specific course registration and start dates.

  • Semester Cohort (Approximately 18 weeks of instruction plus final exams week)
    • Semester based cohorts follow a weekly schedule similar to what you might find in a traditional high school.
      • Semester one begins in the first week of September and ends in the last week of January. 
      • Semester two begins in the first week of February and ends in the last week of June.  
    • Semester based students are able to register for multiple courses.
    • Semester core courses offer weekly face-to-face seminars for students who find classroom-based instruction a benefit to their learning.

  • Quarterly Cohort (Approximately 8 weeks of instruction plus final exam week)
    • Only core courses are offered quarterly
    • Quarterly based cohorts follow an accelerated weekly schedule.
      • Quarter one begins in the first week of September and ends in the first week of November. 
      • Quarter two begins in the third week of November and ends in the last week of January.  
      • Quarter three begins in the first week of February and ends in the first week of April. 
      • Quarter four begins in the third week of April and ends in the last week of June.  
    • Quarter based students are able to register for only one course.
    • Given the pace of quarterly courses, students participating in a quarterly course must follow the course-specific attendance policy.  Students who are unable to attend on a regular basis will be directed to our semester-based courses.  
    • Due to time constraints, quarterly core courses do not offer weekly face-to-face seminars.  Students will have the opportunity to collaborate and share with their classmates using online tools such as Blogs and Course Forums.