Semester Planning and Assessment Resources

Semester Courses (Approximately 18 weeks of instruction plus final exams week)

  • Semester based cohorts follow a weekly schedule similar to what you might find in a traditional high school.
    • Semester one (S1) begins in the first week of September and ends in the last week of January. 
    • Semester two (S2) begins in the first week of February and ends in the last week of June.  
  • Semester based students are able to register for multiple courses.

Semester core courses offer weekly face-to-face or online seminars for students who find classroom-based instruction a benefit to their learning.

For specific start and end dates, please reference our calendar on our school website.

Graduation Planning Document

Click HERE to access a document that will help you map and plan your path to graduation. 

Assessment Reporting

Our teachers report all student grades on PowerSchool. Parents and students can sign up for an account to view their grades. St. Gabe's runs on a semester system (rather than trimesters). At the end of the semester, all marks are uploaded to Alberta Education. Students and parents can view marks on PowerSchool or through their MyPass account. To set up a MyPass account, click HEREYou will need a MyPass account to order transcripts for post-secondary applications and to view diploma marks. 

To set up your account in PowerSchool, you will need your account login and password which the administration can send to you. Click HERE for the instructions to set up an account. 

Once you have an account, please download the PowerSchool Mobile App from your app store. Our Division code is QNMM. Please check out the video for how to set up the app. 

PowerSchool Parent Portal App Instructions