Quarterly and Semester Courses

Student Cohorts: St. Gabriel offers six cohort groups each year. Please see the school calendar for specific course registration and start dates.

Semester Courses (Approximately 18 weeks of instruction plus final exams week)

  • Semester based cohorts follow a weekly schedule similar to what you might find in a traditional high school.
    • Semester one (S1) begins in the first week of September and ends in the last week of January. 
    • Semester two (S2) begins in the first week of February and ends in the last week of June.  
  • Semester based students are able to register for multiple courses.

Semester core courses offer weekly face-to-face or online seminars for students who find classroom-based instruction a benefit to their learning.

Quarterly courses are fast track courses and are scheduled over an 8 week period. You must meet with your teacher and the principal prior to registering for a quarterly course. It is generally not advised to undertake quarterly courses, however, there are circumstances where it will be allowed. 

Students who fall more than 1 week behind must either participate in the Managed Learning Program, be transferred to Semester 1 cohort, or be withdrawn from the course.

Quarter 1 (Q1) - September to November

Quarter 2 (Q2) - November to January

Quarter 3 (Q3) - February to April

Quarter 4 (Q4) - April to June

For specific start and end dates, please reference our calendar on our school website.