Learning at SGEC

What is Outreach Education?

Outreach schools are developed to support students who cannot or do not wish to attend mainstream schools. These schools are often integral components of a jurisdiction's high school completion strategy. The programs in outreach schools respond to to students' particular circumstances and are flexible so that they can adapt to students' diverse requirements. Outreach schools operate outside of traditional school environments. 

Outreach schools are staffed by small cadres of dedicated teachers who teach a range of students. Students complete their work independently or in small groups with the support of certificated teachers using a variety of resources to meet students' needs. 

The foundation of outreach education is the personal relationships that students develop with the school staff. Because students typically work with teachers one-on-one or in small groups, a trusting working relationship often forms. This relationship ensures that students who have often not experienced success in school are able to develop a sense of security and connection that will help them achieve success. 

Learning at SGEC

At St. Gabes we believe learning is:

  • Active
  • Individualized
  • Student-centred
  • Facilitated by Teachers
  • A Journey of Self Discovery

At St. Gabes we realize the importance of giving students the time and attention they need each week to successfully meet their learning goals.  Part of the learning journey also requires that students have opportunities to share and collaborate with fellow classmates.  To meet these needs, St. Gabriel Education Centre employs several pathways for students to achieve learning success: 

Face to Face Learning - Students are encouraged to come to the centre at least once per week to meet face-face with their teachers and collaborate with other students. 

Online Learning - St. Gabriel Education Centre is the online provider for education for Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools. Students are able to access seminars and meet with their teachers using Google Meet as an online provider. 

Blended Learning: Students can choose to work online and come to the centre as required to meet their learning needs.

Course Work - Regardless of the pathway chosen for learning, students have access to course lessons and self-assessment materials online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our school's Moodle web site. Students also have access to individual instruction and teacher supports during regular school hours. All exams are to be completed in person at the centre. 

PowerSchool - How do I access my marks?

Our teachers use PowerSchool to record student marks. This is a major form of communication from the teacher to the parents and will inform the parent as to how their child is progressing in their courses. You will need to set up a PowerSchool account. Click on the link below for the instructions to set up an account. 


PowerSchool Instructions