Dual Credit Courses

Psychology 104/1040

St. Gabriel Education Centre offers a dual credit Psychology course (104/PSYC 1040) with Norquest College. It is an introductory course study of human behaviour that covers physiology, sensation, perception, learning, memory, cognition, motivation, states of consciousness, and methodology. A prerequisite for all other courses in the Norquest Psychology department in the Faculty of Health and Community Studies. Psychology 104 is a 3 credit option course at SGEC and you will also achieve 3 credits at Norquest College.

Course Objectives:

To foster critical thinking within a psychological and scientific environment. Goals include:

  • Learning the fundamentals of Psychology
  • Applying critical thinking to projects relevant to a future in scientific research such as:
    • Reading and reviewing primary source journal articles
    • Designing and performing psychology experiments
    • Presenting experiments, proposals or research to the class
  • Learning to discuss topics in class in an educated manner. 

Most importantly, students will continue to use these skills in their post-secondary education or everyday life, and come to appreciate the “scientist’s mind”. 

Course Units/Topics:

This course consists of the following units/topics: 

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Psychology

Chapter 2 - Biology and Psychology

Midterm Exam 1 - Chapters 1-2 

Chapter 3 - Sensation and Perception

Chapter 4 - Consciousness

Chapter 5 - Learning

Midterm Exam 2 - Chapters 3-5

Chapter 6 - Memory

Chapter 7 - Thinking, Intelligence and Language

Midterm Exam: Cumulative with emphasis on chapters 6-7

Required Textbooks, References, Materials: (available to borrow at SGEC)

Rathus, S.A., Veenvliet, S.G., Maheu, S.J. (2017). PSYCH (4th Edition). Nelson. ISBN 978-0-176-77361-8. 

Course Evaluation:

Midterm 1: Chapters 1, 2 - 25%

Midterm 2: Chapters 3, 4, and 5 - 25%

Final Exam: Cumulative + Chapters 6 and 7 - 35%

Assignments - 15%

Total = 100%