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St. Gabriel Graduation Parent Address

Four years ago our daughter approached us about switching to St. Gabriel. I admit that we were a little hesitant as we weren’t sure what to expect. So we came for a visit, met with the Principal and a few others, and took that leap of faith and switched!   It has been an amazing four years. From the moment you walk through those front doors you feel supported and welcomed by each and every member of this school, and for that I thank you.

 I really want to express our gratitude to you all for creating this amazing culture and safe environment that cannot be duplicated.   You have provided our daughter and her fellow classmates the opportunity to be at a school where everyone learns at their own pace, where everyone feels respected and confident in who they are and their abilities. Every single one of you go above and beyond to help these students be successful in not only their education but who they are as individuals.   

A few weeks ago I attended the student appreciation awards and BBQ. What I saw at this celebration were people who are truly proud of each and every student and what they have and will accomplish.   Every staff member at St. Gabes wants to see every student here succeed, wants to guide them, wants them to realize that they are capable of absolutely anything they set their mind to. 

I want everyone to know how fabulous this school is and how wonderful the staff are. Yet, I want to keep it a secret so it doesn’t lose what makes it so special. That connection with the students, that feeling of being a family and of looking out for one another. St. Albert Catholic School District is truly blessed and fortunate to have this school in its district and we are grateful to have been a part of it.

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart. ~Author Unknown – you have opened the minds of each student in this graduating class!   In summary – In case you’re not sure what I’m trying to say here – I think you are all awesome!