How To Apply

It is recommended that students intending to take courses with St. Gabriel consider the following:

  1. What are your goals for the future?  If you are not sure, and most high school students are not sure of what their future may hold, reflect on what it is you like to do. There are many online tools now available that will help you to identify your personal aptitude or preferences.  In general, many students gravitate to liking either math and science courses or social and English courses. You might use this as a starting point.
  2. Check out several post-secondary institutions and review what is required of you to be accepted into the programs you might be interested in.  Use this information to help identify the courses and options you might be interested in taking.
  3. If you are upgrading one or more of your courses, are you upgrading the courses that will give you the best opportunity to apply and be accepted into the post-secondary program of choice?  If you are not sure, consider discussing your options with one of our school counsellors.

Students who intend to apply for Full-Time student status with St. Gabriel must review and confirm their course selections and programming options with one of our school counsellors.  

Note: students must have access to a laptop computer or Chromebook to allow for mobile access to the school's online learning resources. If a prospective Full-Time student does not have access to a laptop device, the student must take a five credit course covering the usage of a Chromebook while attending St. Gabriel High School.  By registering and completing this course, the student will be able to sign out a Chromebook from the school library for the duration of their studies with St. Gabriel.