Our Story

In the early 1990’s, the Greater St. Albert Catholic School Board identified a group of students who were not having their learning needs met by the current, more traditional school classroom.  To address the needs of these students, a fledgling pilot school that would offer Junior High school students the opportunity to connect with their teachers using computers was created.  And this is how St. Gabriel Cyber School, the first online school in Alberta was born.  It was another two years before public Internet access through telephone modems became available throughout Alberta.

As St. Gabriel gained in popularity, over the next three years the school was expanded to include instruction in grades 10, 11, and 12.   In the later half of the 1990’s another alternative High School, St. Albert Storefront School, was created as a partnership school between the Greater St. Albert Catholic School Board and the St. Albert Protestant (Now St. Albert Public) School Board.

After many successful years of supporting students in cyber and drop-in environments, in the spring of 2006 it was determined that students would be better served by combining the best of St. Gabriel Cyber with the best of St. Albert Storefront.  In the fall of 2007 the two schools were combined and St. Gabriel High School was formed.  Through St. Gabriel High School, students have access to all of their course resources and their teachers online, are able to attend regularly scheduled course seminars, and are able to come into school and work one-to-one with their course teachers.