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Grades Taught

Grades 9 - 12


David Feist


St. Gabriel High School provides a unique option for students in St. Albert to complete their high school programming. Part of Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools students have the ability to attend full time, part time or even for individual courses while attending another school.

At St. Gabriel School students receive individualized attention to allow them to move through material and courses at their own pace using online tools that help them succeed. Our students come to us with varying needs. It may be the one to one support, or they may want to accelerate the pace of learning to complete their courses. At St. Gabriel students define how they learn best by:

Allowing students to accelerate through the courses they are strong in. Allowing students to complete a course based on their individual abilities. If a student struggles, the student can easily spend more time each week working with teachers. Often our students who struggle will take a reduced course load so they can focus on achieving the best marks they are capable of by the end of the semester.Offering a full compliment of grades 9 to 12 courses online. We do not have timetabling conflicts as all of our courses are accessible to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At St. Gabriel we believe learning is:

  • Active
  • Individualized
  • Student Centered
  • Facilitated by Teachers
  • A Journey of Self Discovery


Learning Without Limits


St Gabriel High School is a safe and caring environment where students are given the differentiated, flexible, and engaging learning opportunities that will inspire them to be successful in learning and life.